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1474Born in Santervás De Campos, Valladolid Province, Spain
1474Baptized in Catholic Church in Santervás De Campos, Valladolid Province, Spain
1493At age 19, joined Columbus' second voyage to the Indies
1493-1506Served as the Governor of the Dominican Republic
1506-1513At age 32, after the untimely death of his wife, Ponce de Leon spent the next seven years raising his motherless children.
1509At age 35, confirmed as Governor of Puerto Rico
1512At age 38, was issued an official charter by the Spanish Crown to seek and claim the mysterious "island of Beniny", to the north
Early 1513Prepared three ships, two caravels, the "Santiago" and the "Santa Maria de la Consolación, and a bergantina, the "San Cristóbal", at his own expense, to undertake the journey.
3 March 1513Departed from Punta Aguada on the western shore of Puerto Rico
8 March 1513Anchored at El Viego" (Grand Turk) after 3 1/2 days' sail
9 March 1513Anchored at "Caycos" (E. Caicos) after an easy days' sail
10 March 1513Anchored at Yaguna" (N. Caicos)after an easy days' sail
11-12 March 1513Hove to off "Amaguayo" (Mayaguana) after an overnight sail
13 March 1513Passed "Manegua" (Samana Cay) during an overnight sail
14-25 March 1513Anchored at "Guanahani" (San Salvador), provisioned and re-rigged the vessels for an anticipated long ocean passage to Beimeni.
27 March 1513Passed an "unidentified island" (Eleuthera) on a heading of Northwest.
29-30 March 1513Hove to during storm and changed heading to West Northwest
2 April 1513Anchored at 28 degrees N. latitude and 80 degrees 29 minutes W. longitude, south of Cape Canaveral, Florida, at Melbourne Beach, Florida..
3 April 1513Made landfall and named the land "La Florida". This was the first landing in Florida.
2-8 April 1513Explored the area between Melbourne Beach and Jupiter Inlet.
8-20 April 1513Explored the area between Jupiter Inlet and Lake Worth Inlet.
20 April - 20 May 1513Explored the East Coast of Florida.
21 May - 21 June 1513Explored the West Coast of Florida, especially the area around Sanibel Island.
Mid October 1513Returned to Puerto Rico.
1514Ponce de Leon returned to Spain to report on his voyage and to lay claim to the newly discovered island of La Florida.
1514Spanish King Ferdinand conferred on Ponce de Leon the title of "Adelantado" or governor of the island of La Florida, and authorized him to establish a permanent settlement, but, only after he cleared the islands east and south of Puerto Rico of the threat of the Carib indians.
1514 -1521Ponce de Leon eliminated the threat of the Carib indians in the islands, as instructed by King Ferdinand.
26 February 1521Ponce de Leon sailed from Puerto Rico in two ships loaded with settlers and gear to establish a permanent settlement and fort on the shores of La Florida. They are believed to have chosen Sanibel Island as the site.
March - July 1521After many attacks by the Calusa Indians, and after receiving a painful wound, Ponce de Leon abandoned the settlement effort and returned to the safety of Cuba.
July 1521Ponce de Leon died from his festered wound in Puerto Principe, Cuba, at the age of 47.
Later in the 1500sPonce de Leon's remains were removed to San Juan de Puerto where they now rest in the Cathedral of San Juan.